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Figure not showing up when attempting to plot array

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Steven Bellefontaine
Steven Bellefontaine on 28 Feb 2021
I am attempting to plot roll angles from an accelerometer with respect to time. The roll angles were imported as a .txt file and were stored as an array. Since data was taken every 0.01 seconds, I created another array of the same length with equal 0.01 increments to model time.
When I attempt to plot the roll angle vs. time, nothing pops up. I see a figure window when I hover over the matlab shortcup in my task bar, but nothing happens when I click on it. Maybe the arrays are too large?
Here is the code and I have also attached the .txt file:
roll = importdata('RollPID_2.50_0.003_2.05.txt');
roll = roll';
time = 0:0.01:177.16;

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Jan on 28 Feb 2021
It takes only a second on my system (Win10 Matlab 2018b).
So either there is an open but hidden window or another problem. Check this:
Open a new figure explicitely:
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Steven Bellefontaine
Steven Bellefontaine on 28 Feb 2021
The allchild(groot) command showed the figure was created. I restarted my pc and added "figure;" and "axes;". It came up within a second or so after doing this.
Thank you for the assistance!

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