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Trying to plot contourf onto hgtransform is now blank

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My data works when I plot it with contourf(X,Y,z) but when I try to plot it as contourf(X, Y, z,'Parent',HG) it's just blank and I have no idea why.
I have attached the X,Y,z data. I'm trying to do exactly as it says in that comment, it's exactly what I need but my contour just seems to be blank
Actually it seems like it goes blank when I try to rotate it? i have no idea anymore

Accepted Answer

Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat on 17 Mar 2021
I had found that we cannot use makehgtform in non-square matrices. So, you are not able to produce results.
HG.Matrix = makehgtform('xrotate', pi/2);
Whereas in that example he is using a square matrix to transform.
To produces results for xy, yz and zx plane. You may use contourf() function with different alignments of parameters, i.e.
contourf(X,Y,z); %for XY plane
contourf(Y,z,X); %for YZ plane
contourf(X,z,Y); %for Xz plane
Hope this helps!
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metrize on 17 Mar 2021
Edited: metrize on 17 Mar 2021
Can I put my data in square matrix form instead by extending it? Can you provide guidance on how? i.e. making z values 0 for the rest of the matrix to make a 173x173 matrix?
Edit: I tried with z(173,114:173)=0 but I still cannot rotate it even though it is square, can you provide any advice?

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