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center of gravity calculation from a dfiffraction limited spot

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ebunoluwa odofin
ebunoluwa odofin on 23 Feb 2021
Answered: darova on 2 Mar 2021
I will like to calculate the center of gravity from arrays of spots from a png file. How can I go about it?
ebunoluwa odofin
ebunoluwa odofin on 24 Feb 2021
Thank you for your response. No, I did not use regionprops. Kindly find attached the image. If possible,I will also like to get the deviation of the spots.

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Bhomik Kankaria
Bhomik Kankaria on 27 Feb 2021
Center of gravity can be calculated using 'regionprops' function from Image Processing Toolbox. You can use centroid as property name to calculate center of gravity in a image.
To know more about the function regionprops, refer to the link below -
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ebunoluwa odofin
ebunoluwa odofin on 1 Mar 2021
Thank you for yoor rsponse. Please I am new to programming. can you kindly write a code on how it can be done. i.e the COG calculation and the lateral resolution

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darova on 2 Mar 2021
  • Try binarize or im2bw to convert image to 0-1 (binary). Experiment with grayscale parameter (see help)
  • use regionprops

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