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Create a excel file (named as Input) in Matlab App designer and write variables in it.

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Respected All,
I want to create an excel file with "named as the input", and pass on variables into it from the app designer.
Aim is to create a file named "Test.xlsx" in the folder "Excel_Folder" and write variables "variable1", and "variable2" into the excel file after pressing the "Export data" pushbutton.
I have tried the following:
% Value changed function: NameEditField
function NameEditFieldValueChanged(app, event)
value = app.NameEditField.Value;
% Button pushed function: ExportdataButton
function ExportdataButtonPushed(app, event)
folder = app.Excel_Folder; % create a new folder with name Excel_Folder
filename = app.NameEditField.Value; % name of the file
writetable(fullfile(folder, filename), app.variable1, app.variable2); % write variables 1 and 2 into in the file
The above is neither creating a file in the folder nor displaying any error.
Thanking You.

Accepted Answer

Jemima Pulipati
Jemima Pulipati on 26 Feb 2021
From my understanding, you want to create an excel file and write some data into it.
The writetable() function expects the first argument to be a table containing some data followed by the filename. You may consider modifying the function call in your code according to the syntax.
Also, you may consider using writematrix() and writecell() as per your need.
Nestor Flores
Nestor Flores on 8 May 2021
I'm getting crazy with a problema related to this. I cannot either create an excel file to save some data generated inside my program. And sometimes the program says that doesn't recognize some variable... is it necessary to declare every single variable as global on my program?
This is what I am doing, with those values on editfield I make calculus (trying to) use an empty folder inside.
The system doesn't save data on the excel file but it plot the graphs and they are right.
I used the instructions on the answers but nothing...
Please, what can I do?
Thank you
Ajiket Patil
Ajiket Patil on 20 May 2021
The Question is about how to create an excel file and write data/variables into it (from matlab app designer)?
1) Create a named entry to type in the name of the file you want to create with the appropriate extension.
As in above example
type in "test.txt" OR "test.xlsx" OR "test.csv" etc formats.
2) The variables var1 and var2 are written in the test file by write matrix command.
Reference :
Kindly share your code and exact problem if it still persists.

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