How do I find the average/mean of each row if the data has 150 rows and 3 columns?

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A = 'measurements';
(This is what I have so far but it computes one value, when I need 1 row of 150 averages)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Feb 2021
A = 'measurements';
That assigns the character vector ['m' 'e' 'a' 's' 'u' etc] to A, not the content of a variable named measurements.
%create some demonstration data
measurements = randi(10, 150, 3);
%now do the work
A = measurements; %not actually needed, could work directly on measurements
rowmeans = mean(A, 2)
rowmeans = 150×1
5.0000 6.3333 5.3333 2.3333 7.6667 6.3333 6.6667 6.3333 8.3333 6.3333

David Hill
David Hill on 23 Feb 2021
If A=(150x3 matrix), then
b=mean(A,2);%will be a 150x1 column vector of the averages of each of the 150 rows
b=b';%transpose to 1x150 row vector.


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