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Reading csv file and counting number of lines that have a category of interest and are below a threshold

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BENJAMIN BUCHDA on 22 Feb 2021
Commented: dpb on 22 Feb 2021
fName = 'SampleDataset03.csv';
myCat = 'A';
maxValue = 0.5;
fConn = fopen(fName, 'r');
firstLine = fgetl(fConn);
final = 0;
while ~feof(fConn)
cLine = fgetl(fConn);
parts = strsplit(cLine, ',');
F = strcmp(myCat, parts(:,1));
T = cellfun(@(x) x < maxValue, parts(:,2));
if F
if maxValue > parts(:,2)
final = final + 1;
I am writing a function that reads a csv file and counts all of the lines that have an 'A' and are below 0.5. I have the general framework of the code but I am struggling with comparing the lines in the csv file with the 0.5 threshold. I have tried str2double to get a numeric value but it seems that if I use that the first column with a letter causes an error. I have tried cellfun but that still does not seem to work. Can you help?
Sample csv file:

Accepted Answer

dpb on 22 Feb 2021
Edited: dpb on 22 Feb 2021
>> data=readtable('SampleDataset03.csv');
>> sum(contains(data.Category,'A')&data.Value<0.5)
ans =
For this you don't really need a separate function, just define an anonymous function in the calling routine and read the file inline as you go.
The anonymous function could be
fnCountEm=@(t,c,v) sum(contains(t.Category,c)&t.Value<v);
and use like
>> fnCountEm(data,'A',0.5)
ans =
>> fnCountEm(data,'X',0.25)
ans =
>> fnCountEm(data,'G',1.25)
ans =
dpb on 22 Feb 2021
fnCountEm=@(t,c,v) sum(contains(t.Category,c)&t.Value<v);
lets one redefine the table and call the function with new data at will; if the data are indeed unchanging, then could encapsulate it inside the anonymous function and remove from the argument list.
fnCountEm=@(c,v) sum(contains(data.Category,c)&data.Value<v); % data the table in memory
Then, of course, if the data are ever changed one must redefine the anonymous function to reflect that.

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