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Create heatmap from table, error "'XVariable' value must reference a single variable in the source table."

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Anna on 21 Feb 2021
Commented: Anna on 22 Feb 2021
I have a problem when trying to create a heatmap from this table
I want the y axis to display the IDs and the x axis to display the 6 different Snacks, the table is about the Liking mean_rating of the IDs for the snacks (nevermind the phases column).
When I try to create a heatmap with
heatmap(data_mean_liking, data_mean_liking.Snack, data_mean_liking.ID)
it gives me the following error: "'XVariable' value must reference a single variable in the source table."
I don't really understand the error message or how to display the heatmap I want.
Thanks for the help!
Edit: I have included part of the table for trying out.

Answers (1)

dpb on 21 Feb 2021
The x,y variables for a table are given as the names of the wanted columns; the dot notation returns the data.
heatmap(data_mean_liking, 'Snack', 'ID')
Anna on 22 Feb 2021
There are four discrete phases and in each phase participants can rate a snack between on a continuous scale of (I think) -100 and +100.
Ok, thank you for your help so far! I will check on how to work with this then.

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