how to go from NED to ECI frame?

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Khang Nguyen
Khang Nguyen on 21 Feb 2021
Hello! I am wondering how do you go from NED frame to ECI frame?
I got a NED frame from the WMM block but it say that the dimention of matrix multiplication is not complete.
also I got an error say that the built in fuction ecef2eci does't exist
function ECI = NEDtoECI(mu, l, NED)
DCM = [-sin(mu)*cos(l) -sin(mu)*sin(l) cos(mu) ; -sin(l) cos(l) 0 ; -cos(mu)*cos(l) -cos(mu)*sin(l) -sin(mu)];
dcmtran = DCM.';
ECEF = NED*dcmtran;
utc = [2019 1 4 12 0 0];
ECI = ecef2eci(utc,ECEF);
Jonathan Gadiel Ramírez Martínez
Oh I see, that makes sense Khang, thank you very much!

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Answers (1)

Alan Moses
Alan Moses on 25 Feb 2021
Hi Khang,
The “ecef2eci” is part of the set of functions that require the ‘Aerospace Blockset CubeSat Simulation Library’ Add-on support package. You could download this from the Add-ons manager.
Alternatively, you may also check out the function here in the MathWorks File Exchange.
Hope it helps!

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