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Plot a graph for cubic equation

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Grandhi Rohith
Grandhi Rohith on 20 Feb 2021
Answered: Pavel on 20 Jan 2023
mx - (cx^2)/2- (1/3)*(kx^3) = (F/w^2)* (1-coswt)
You can try giving random values , i just need coding and plot
Grandhi Rohith
Grandhi Rohith on 20 Feb 2021
Actually , i am a fresher , and i dont have any idea on how to solve this , if R.H.S is zero i could have plotted it. So with R.H.S not equal to zero has 2 variables , so that is why i have no idea
Nikhil Sapre
Nikhil Sapre on 19 Jan 2023
We cannot help you with your homework, you need to show that you made some effort with learning MATLAB and ask specific questions where you are stuck.

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Answers (1)

Pavel on 20 Jan 2023
The answer to your question can surely be found here.


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