Error with reading excel file

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Anders Vigen
Anders Vigen on 19 Feb 2021
Answered: Anders Vigen on 23 Feb 2021
start_date = datetime(2020,1,2,0,0,0);
end_date = datetime(2020,1,3,0,0,0);
demand = load_demand('Demand_timeseries_1hourResolution.xlsx',start_date,end_date);
figure (21)
plot(demand.Time, demand.Values)
ylabel('Demand [MW]');
I'm having bit of a frustrating issue with my scrript. I wantto read excel file in the same folder where I have my matlab file, however it keeps giving me the same error
'Unrecognized function or variable 'load_demand''
The script works for everybody else but me, so I can't find the problem.
I hope somebody can help me
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Feb 2021
Okay, and what about on your colleague's computer? What shows up on there?
At this point, I can pretty much predict an implimentation of the function:
function demand = load_demand(filename, start_date, end_date)
T = readtable(filename);
mask = isbetween(T{:,1}, start_date, end_date);
demand = T(mask,:);

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Anders Vigen
Anders Vigen on 23 Feb 2021

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Ani Singh
Ani Singh on 21 Feb 2021
From the error "'Unrecognized function or variable 'load_demand" looks like you do not have "load_demand" user-defined function implementation(which is not function provided by MathWorks).
Please get the "load_demand" file from your colleague's system or write implementation your function.
function demand = load_demand(fileName, startDate, endDate)
excelOutput = readtable(fileName);
query = isbetween(excelOutput{:,1}, startDate, endDate);
demand = excelOutput(query,:);
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Feb 2021
According to other posts by the same user, the file turns out to have a date column and an hours column, but the hours problem had text such as '00-01' and '07-08'

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