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how to insert graphic scale in geographic map??

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Hello everyone, I need to insert the graphic scale of a map and it is not displayed I have this code but the vectors of the quiverm command are not displayed
Input = load ('INTENT2.txt');
lat = Input (:, 1);
lon = Input (:, 2);
deltalat = Input (:, 3);
deltalon = Input (:, 4);
axesm ('mercator', 'MapLatLimit', [- 60 60], 'MapLonLimit', [- 120 120])
hold on
quiverm (lat, lon, deltalat, deltalon)
hold on
% Create a Geographic Axes.
gx = geoaxes
% Get the GeographicScalebar object.
sb = gx.Scalebar
hold on
% Set a GeographicScalebar object property.
gx.Scalebar.Visible = 'on';
geobasemap ('colorterrain')
Does anyone know how I can program the graphic scale? I am trying to make a velocity field with input data: latitude, longitude, delta latitude and delta longitude
Thank you

Answers (1)

Alan Moses
Alan Moses on 22 Feb 2021
The quiverm function plots into the map axes. But the geobasemap function plots into the geographic axes. Instead, you may use the annotation function to plot on the geographic axes. You may also find a similar explanation here in the “Comments” section.


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