A simple way to view what code a gui/toolbox (such as PDE Toolbox) is using/doing?

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Hello everyone!
My programming skills are v. weak so bare with me...
I'm using PDE Toolbox and I want to understand what it is actually doing when I change the parameters so that I can try to write the code myself or at least explain what it does in a report?
I've looked in ...toolbox/pde but it has so many functions and I don't know where to start to find the sequence from start to finish!
Is there an easy way of outputting a script of what the toolbox is doing?
Thanks for your help! much appreciated!
P.S. If anyone is able to tutor me for a reasonable fee that would be cool. Either on skype or if you live near nottingham we can meet up. email: ky8kenny(at)hotmail.com

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 16 May 2011
No simple way with lots of code written by somebody else (and sometimes even by yourself if you didn't comment it)
Set a breakpoint in the .m file and when you execute anything that calls that function/scripts you will stop at the breakpoint, then go through line by line.
Debugging is the main reference with many other links and examples.
See also echo

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