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save .csv file in given folder

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Dion Theunissen
Dion Theunissen on 18 Feb 2021
Commented: Just Manuel on 18 Feb 2021
I want to save a .csv file which i made by myself to a given path. The way I have it now it will be saved in de path which is open in the current folder explorer.
how can i send this to a given path name. This name will vary in a loop
Ocsvname = 'vessel'+string(i)+'.csv';
data_reinterp = interp1(sample_dist,DataText,dist_interp,'pchip');
%save as csv file
csvwrite(Ocsvname, data_reinterp);

Accepted Answer

Just Manuel
Just Manuel on 18 Feb 2021
Just provide an absolute path instead of a relative one. Such as
You can also combine path and name using fullfile
>> fullfile('c:\temp','data.csv')
ans =

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