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Random array Coordinates for certain elements

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If I have an array 397x596 size filled with 1 and 0, is there a method where I could generate a random coordinate of the array that has element of 0?
So far I have used [row, column] = find(house == 0); to find the coordiantes containing 0

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Just Manuel
Just Manuel on 17 Feb 2021
Well, you're almost there.
just pick a random pair from row and column
% i'm just generating a random house here
house = rand(397,596) > 0.5;
% your code to find indices of elements that are zero
[row, column] = find(house == 0);
% go ahead and pick one of those indices
n = randi(length(row));
row_coord = row(n);
col_coord = column(n);
Rik on 17 Feb 2021
@Just Manuel, regarding your flag ("To be honest, I did not read the community rules yet. Is writing "your welcome" in spanish considered spam? :D"): your comment was caught by the automatic spam detection. As far as I'm aware it is not against the community guidelines. Sometimes the spam detection will have a false positive, I wouldn't read too much into this. Flagging is manual, the spam detection is not. I have now removed the spam marker and your flag.

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