Simulink Real-Time build fail

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Jean-Jacques on 15 Feb 2021
Commented: Jean-Jacques on 16 Feb 2021
When I try to build this simple Simulink model for Real-Time, I get the following message:
Top model targets built: Model Action Rebuild Reason ========================================================================
PCIe_6321_RT Failed Code generation information file does not exist. 0 of 1 models built (0 models already up to date) Build duration: 0h 0m 1.33s
Level-2 MATLAB S-function 'saissb' in 'PCIe_6321_RT/Analog Input (Single Sample)' specifies 'SetSimViewingDevice(true)' , which prevents an output port from being created for the S-function.
How can I get over this?
Nota: the PCIe-6321 is in the list of the Simulink Desktop Real-Time supported hardware from Nation Instruments.

Accepted Answer

Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 16 Feb 2021
Hi Jean-Jacques,
to use the PCIe-6321 with Simulink Desktop Real-Time, please use the Analog Input and Analog Output blocks from the Simulink Desktop Real-Time library. The blocks from the Data Acquisition Toolbox library are not usable with Simulink Desktop Real-Time.
And, one extra hint for free :-) : for maximum performance, please use just a single Analog Input and Analog Output block per model and specify the I/O channels to read and write as a vector. The performance advantage (compared to multiple blocks each reading one channel) is substantial especially for the PCIe-63xx series of boards.

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