Gauge widget refresh phenomenon

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Andreas Waldherr
Andreas Waldherr on 14 Feb 2021
Answered: Vinod on 18 Feb 2021
In my channel ( i use a chart, a gauge and a nummeric display. All show the same data. Sometimes the Gauge shows 10 Volts (the minimum) the other two wigeds report the correct value. I have tested with Chrome, Edge and IE in there actual Versions. When I push reload to refresh the page it is reproducable in at least 1 of 10 times.
Whats wrong?
What can I do to work around this problem?
Any help is weolcome?
Thanks Andreas
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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 15 Feb 2021
That is an intersting result. I appreciate that you called it a phenomenon, it definitely sounds more ecxiting that way. I would look at your gage update time (in the settings), and also make sure the page is refreshed and you are logged in. If you have a stale browser window that is logged out, the data may not be recent.
Would you say this issue is recent, or has it been ongoing for some time?

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Vinod on 18 Feb 2021
I suspect this is on account of a slow internet connection. The gauge needs to make a request back to the server to update its value. With a slow connection, that response time can be slow hence updating the gauge could be delayed.


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