How to create indices for specific parts of signal to keep

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So i have this signal as shown in the plot, this is currently a 50000x1 vector. I would like to extract only the parts where the amplitude increases, these correspond to the extraction and retraction of a piston rod with a 1s dwell time. I know i can do it manually from looking at the plot and find the indices, but i have 40 different signals and would thus like a automatic process for this.
I would like to find the point where each extraction and retraction cycle starts and ends so i can remove the other parts.
thanks for all help.
Jørgen Fone Pedersen
Jørgen Fone Pedersen on 14 Feb 2021
Thanks for your answers and tips. I had no idea it was a moving average filter it was called actually.
It seems to be working fine now, I will try with the median also to see how much of a difference it makes.

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