Create a new vector with all values between "Start" and "Stop" arrays.

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Hello, I have created a stop and start cell array to select a time frame of usuable data. How can I create an array that has all of the values between the start and respective stop cells (or numbers - happy to change the format)? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Start = [1, 30, 70, 100] Stop = [10, 45, 75, 150]
I want one array that has all values between start and stop e.g., 1:10 30:45 70:75 100:150

Accepted Answer

Manash Sahoo
Manash Sahoo on 8 Feb 2021
Edited: Manash Sahoo on 8 Feb 2021
You could store them in a cell array:
Start = [1, 30, 70, 100];
Stop = [10, 45, 75, 150];
for i = 1:size(Start,2)
newarr{i} = Start(i):Stop(i);

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