ahrsfilter tune sensor fusion

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Hello, everyone. I have an inertial sensor. I am getting its real time data by Matlab2020b.
I need to find the orientations by ahrsfilter (imufilter,complementaryFilter also).
I dont have sensor noise,etc (datasheet) values.
How can I tune filter directly (without allien variance etc)?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Erol.
(I may provide additional info (dataset,code etc.) about the problem...)

Accepted Answer

Brian Fanous
Brian Fanous on 5 Feb 2021
The ahrsfilter should give relatively good results without much tuning, but adjusting the parameters always helps. If you are streaming in data from hardware make sure the axes are aligned to what these filters expect. This example shows how.
In R2020b you can use the tune() function on the ahrsfilter or imufilter to optimize the noise parameters.You need recorded sensor data and a recorded ground truth (basically what you think the right output of the filter should be). The tune function will optimize the noise parameters such that the filter output is close to your ground truth given your sensor data.

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