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Please, advice how to pre-processing the image labelling.

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jaewoo choi
jaewoo choi on 5 Feb 2021
Answered: yanqi liu on 5 Feb 2021
I'm initially trying to use alexnet to train the image in the kaggle competition.
there are 4 defect classes(1 ~ 4) .
Problem is that the images which don't have defect were not labeled, so these are not included in the csv file.
How can I delete the unlabeled images and make the label on neural network?
This is the website :
steel_ds = imageDatastore('*.jpg');
information = readtable('train.csv');

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 5 Feb 2021
loop for table
use exist(filename, 'file') to judge the file is or not exist


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