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How do I ask with specific sentences that the user insert certain inputs?

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I have a function called EI2 and these input values:
  • VmGlu
  • VmChl
  • G_max_chl
  • G_max_glu
  • EChl
  • EGlu
  • tau_rise
  • tau_decay
  • tmax
I want the user to be able to call the function by typing EI2 only, and then a first sentence should appear: "What value do you want to insert as VmGlu? ". The user will type a number and then on to the second question.
How could I implement such a thing in an elegant way?

Accepted Answer

Sourabh Kondapaka
Sourabh Kondapaka on 8 Feb 2021
Edited: Sourabh Kondapaka on 8 Feb 2021
@Stephen Cobeldick's suggestion for using "inputdlg()" is apt for your requirement.
You can also check out "listdlg()" to create a list selection dialog box.

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