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How do I send students an invitation to MATLAB Grader

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I have added my students' emails in MATLAB Grader, but none of the students have received an email invitation. I added my gmail, and I never received an email either. Is there something I am missing, or is there something wrong with the system? At least one of the students I have talked with has a student MATLAB account.
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Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson on 31 Jan 2021
Please contact Customer Support and provide the URL for your course and we can help you directly.
Occasionally emails sent by our system may end up caught up in SPAM filters. You can check there as well.

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Accepted Answer

Keith Hekman
Keith Hekman on 5 Feb 2021
Apparently my college was blocking the emails. The work around was to have the students create a mathworks account and then log into MATLAB grader, and then I was able to add the students into the course.
Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson on 1 Mar 2021
Please whitelist the email domain ( When we send mail from MATLAB Grader, it appears to come from the instructors email address such as "" on behalf of "" Whitelisting involves a combination of our email domain, subject lines of messages, and MX records. Your IT staff should be able to assist you with their specific requirements. Please open a tech support request with us if you need assistance based on your IT staff's requirements.
Keith Hekman
Keith Hekman on 2 Mar 2021
They were able to do it, and I was able to send someone else at my university an invite. Thank you for your help.

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Andre Kyme
Andre Kyme on 26 Feb 2021
We are experiencing the same problem (and have done for the past 2 years running our course on Grader). Just recently we had our University whitelist the Mathworks domain, in case this was preventing students from receiving our Grader invite. We sent all invites yesterday but are still finding today that students are not receiving them. Could you please list the steps we should follow to ensure that students receive the invitation and can be added to the course? Thanks
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Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson on 26 Feb 2021
The documentation for enrolling students into a course is here: Enroll Learners in a Course. The documentation includes how to resend notifications to students. Also, when students have been enrolled in a course, the next time that student logs into MATLAB Grader, the course should automatically be added to their home page list of courses.
If you are continuing to have issues with deliverability of email invitations sent from MathWorks to students enrolled into MATLAB Grader courses, please reach out to customer support.
Alternatively, you may want to look into adding MATLAB Grader as an app within your learning management system. When integrated, your existing course enrollment, messaging, and assignments workflows and notifications provided by the LMS will be used to alert students that they have been assigned MATLAB Grader assessments. Contact your Account Representative to learn more about MATLAB Grader integration for your LMS.

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