Getting values of nodes from directed graph.

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Hello Everyone,
I have a directed graph with various nodes, each node has 3 values, Number of station, arrival time and departure time. Now I want to get the value of these nodes and save it in a matrix.
for example, node1 has values(45, 67, 78) and node2 has values(56,23,28) so I want to save the values as this [45 67 78; 56 23 28]
Is there a way to do this? I tried findnode and findobj functions but none of them served the exact purpose. I am stuck on this since a long time and not able to find a solution. any help or guidance will be highly appreciated.
Thanking in advance.

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat on 2 Feb 2021
Hi Anurag,
You may use structure for the fields. You may use this code for reference:
%here I have created a structure node with 3 fields: numStations, atime, dtime
ns = zeros(1,10); %create an array for number of stations
at = zeros(1,10); %create an array for arrival time
dt = zeros(1,10); %create an array for departure time
node = struct; %create a structure
for i=1:10
% assign a field to the structure
node(i).numStations = ns(i);
node(i).atime = at(i);
node(i).dtime = dt(i);
For more reference about structure you may look in to thee documentation:
Hope this Helps!


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