Inconsistent values on sensor readings

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Hello everybody!
I´m a newbee trying to upload data from a MHZ-19B (CO2) sensor and BMP280 (Temperature Higro and Pressure) to Thingspeak. I use ESP EASY in a Lolin Wemos D1 Pro mini
My problem is when I read data of my sensors in serial port everthing seems coherent no high value changes between readings, but in my Thingspeak Channel there are very unstable values, you can see here:
Any help will be great!
Thanks in advance
Best regards

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Vinod on 31 Jan 2021
From what I can tell by looking at your channel, the values seem to be within normal variation expected from these sensors. Why do you feel you get different results on the serial port compared to what is posted to your ThingSpeak channel?
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Ernesto Gutiérrez Rodríguez
Hello Vinod! Yes I could fix half of my problems, I’m using Esp Easy first I used controllers and I got inconsistent values now using Rules tab values are ok but, CO2 readings are every each minute but Temp, Hum, and Press readings are in different sequence and I don’t know why Thanks for your support Best regards

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