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How to join a double variable and a strucure variable to plot a heat map ?

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I have two datasets. One is a structure type (network) and another is double (Count). I want to create a heat map over the network using the values from the Count. I tried to join the variables but couldn't. I also tried converting one of them into another type and then join but the conversion did't worked as well. Can anyone please help me how to deal with this situation?
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Robert U
Robert U on 27 Jan 2021
Edited: Robert U on 27 Jan 2021
Dear Niraj Bal Tamang,
According to documentation heatmap() supports tables among others. Working with tables is very convenient since you can create heatmaps concerning specific columns without additional efforts. Your network-variable is a structure array which is easy to convert to table by applying struct2table().
strNetwork = struct2table(network);
Kind regards,

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