How can I merge 6 same-size vectors in simulink to obtain only one output?

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Dear All,
I am seeking a block to produce only one output after merging 6 inputs, I expect to obtain the sum of the six inputs and form one vector. I attempted with "merge block", "vector concatenate block", and "Mux block" but unfortunately all of the produce an error. It is worth mentioning that the 6 inputs are "LookUp Tables"
This is the error message "Invalid connection from block 'ER_VGeoring/Scenario/6 buildings/Load Data 1-D Lookup Table 101' output port 1 to Merge block 'ER_VGeoring/Scenario/6 buildings/Merge' input port 1. An input signal to a Merge block must be connected and must originate from a conditionally executed subsystem that is not an Iterator subsystem"
Do you know another way to accomplish my target?
Best regards
Tony Castillo
Tony Castillo on 26 Jan 2021
You are right, they are all different, but I just wanted mention what have I done before asking for help. I only want to obtain one single output from the sum of the six inputs in Simulink enviroment.

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