Webwrite with .mlappinstall-file for artifactory-deployment

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Patrick Braun
Patrick Braun on 26 Jan 2021
We want to deploy updates for our appdesigner-apps (.exe as well as .mlappinstall) on our artifactory.
At the moment this is done manually. However, my goal is a matlab-script that
  1. compiles the app
  2. uploads it to its destination-folder on the artifactory.
My URL and login-informations are correct, I am able to deploy simple data (tested with a simple struct containing doubles and strings).
My question is, how to convert or pack an .mlappinstall for it to be sendable by webwrite.
I have found this FileExchange-solution for uploading to Dropbox via webwrite.
There they seem to encode an arbitrary file as char-array to put into webwrite. This naive approach doesn't work (it returns an empty char-array).
fid = fopen('myApp.mlappinstall', 'r');
data = char(fread(fid)');
Also, even if that would work, I would probably have difficulties to discern the correct MediaType and/or CharacterEncoding for the encoded .mlappinstall.
I would really appreciate suggestions for a proper workflow to do, what we want to achieve: compilation and artifactory-deployment of app-designer apps.
Also any help with encoding and sending apps or exe-files with webwrite would help us a lot.
Thank you.

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