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Calculating trend rate of change

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Hi everyone,
I'm currently analysing a time series of data (see code below). I've fitted a trendline into it but I would like to calculate its rate of change per year. Any ideas how can it be done?
Thanks in advance,
%script to plot year-by-year data points for the full basin, fit a
%trendline and test it for significance with Mann-Whitney U test
%load data
%define variables
figure (1)
xlabel('\bf Year')
ylabel('\bf Wind speed (m/s)')
grid on
hold on
%fit a trendline to the data
%this bit tests the trend for significance with Mann-Whitney
%if p is very small and h=1, trend is significant

Accepted Answer

Bart Kieviet
Bart Kieviet on 26 Jan 2021
Edited: Bart Kieviet on 26 Jan 2021
I guess you mean the derivative? It's the function
More on this function here.
Bart Kieviet
Bart Kieviet on 26 Jan 2021
If I understand correctly you have a year-by-year numbers, so say:
year = [2010, 2011, 2012, 2013];
wind = [10, 15, 5, 16];
if I run diff, I get:
df = diff(wind); % [5, -10, 11]
I could use mean to get the average:
mean( df ); % 2
Maja Zdulska
Maja Zdulska on 26 Jan 2021
Ah, I wasn't sure whether I could just do it like that. Thanks a lot!

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