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K. B.
K. B. on 26 Jan 2021
Commented: K. B. on 26 Jan 2021
I have a question concerning the data types of my matlab files. I accidently changed the format of the files to PDF´s, instead of .m data. This leads to the problem that I cannot make matlab read in images and other data. Does somebody know how I can change the data type back to .m data?

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Bart Kieviet
Bart Kieviet on 26 Jan 2021
You right mouse-click on the file in explorer, choose "open with", and select "use another app". Select Matlab from the list and also check the checkbox: "use always". (I'm using translations here)
It's a windows problem, not a Matlab problem.
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K. B.
K. B. on 26 Jan 2021
Thank you very much!

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