error messeges in MATLAB app designer

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nathan blanc
nathan blanc on 25 Jan 2021
Commented: Rik on 31 Jan 2021
I have an elaborate MATLAB code and i am now working on a user interface in matlab app designer.
the code contains a long list of error messeges,warnings, and notiications displayed in the command prompt. i would like for the GUI to display these messeges. is there a way to do this without touching the code itself? i mean somehow change the GUI so that any error messeges or warnings are automatically displayed in some form? or simply to display the command prompt as part of my app?
I saw this answer:
but it seems to me a bit of an ugly solution. Is there a better one?
Many thanks

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Rik on 25 Jan 2021
Edited: Rik on 25 Jan 2021
Personally I have started using the attached functions (e.g. in my readfile function). With only minimal changes in the syntax of my functions I can catch errors and warnings and redirect them to a log file or to a String property (e.g. a status window). I plan to integrate this in a GUI, similar to what your goal seems to be.
When it comes to errors, these functions assume that an actual error is required (e.g. to trigger a catch-block). Feel free to adapt them to your needs.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 25 Jan 2021
Edited: Adam Danz on 25 Jan 2021
There isn't a pretty solution and there is no solution that doesn't involve touching the code itself. I've often wished there were a method to embed the command window into an app window but there isn't.
Since it doesn't sound like you want to implement a non-pretty solution that involves touching the code I won't go into more detail unless you want it but it involves try/catch blocks that will catch errors which you can send to a GUI text window. Warnings are trickier. Catching them would require undocumented methods.
What's the problem with the command window? If you're worried that users may not pay attention to it, there's a way to put the command window in their face when an error/warning is detected. It requries changes to the code, of course, so I'll describe it briefly, assuming you don't want to do that work.
The commandwindow() command opens and displays the command window even if an app is on top of it. You can use try/catch statements to detect the error and commandwindow within the catch-block to make sure the user sees the errors. Alternatively, you could wrap the error in an error dialog that displays on top of the app. For warnings, you can use lastwarn at the end of each function to detect if a warning was thrown and if so, use commandwindow to bring the command window into focus or wrap the printed warning in a dialog that appears on top of the app.
nathan blanc
nathan blanc on 25 Jan 2021
Thanks for your answer Adam
The issue is I eventually want to transform this code into a standalone app, so I can't count on the command window itself. I guess my best solution would ineed be to change the code itself
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 25 Jan 2021
If the warnings are created by the code, use uialert instead.
If the warnings are Matlab warnings you might be able to address the warnings to prevent them; you can always turn them off if they are to be ignored.

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