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How to color RED to the lower portion of the curve

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How to color RED to the lower portion of the curve y=x^2
x = 1 : 0.1 : 10;
y = x.^2;
axis([1 10 0 100])

Accepted Answer

Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 18 Apr 2013
Replace the
command with
area(x,y,'FaceColor',[1 0 0])
Atom on 18 Apr 2013
Please suggest about the meaning of patch([x,0],[y,100],'b').
Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor on 19 Apr 2013
the first two inputs to patch can be thought of as points that define vertices of some polygon. the vectors x and y are the lower parts of that polygon. By adding a point (0,100) to the set of vertices, we get the top left corner of the polygon. Without that vertex, the behavior was as you said above, only the "upper portion" was colored instead of the "whole upper part".

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