Plot latitude and longitude in matlab

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Hello, I have extracted longitudes and latitudes from OSM map, which are points along my trajectory. But finding difficult to map in matlab, if any help or suggestion would really appreciate it. Below are the points i have extracted from OSM map
Longitude Latitude
46.5397 -72.7534
46.5396 -72.7533
46.5396 -72.7528
46.5396 -72.7523
46.5396 -72.7523
46.5397 -72.7511
46.5397 -72.7506
46.5397 -72.7503
46.5405 -72.7504
46.5405 -72.7491
46.5408 -72.744
46.5404 -72.744

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat on 28 Jan 2021
Hi Abdul,
You may refer to this file exchange in which there are so many OSM functions. Here is the link to the file exchange:
Hope this Helps!
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Abdul Sajeed Mohammed
Abdul Sajeed Mohammed on 28 Jan 2021
Thank you, for responding and this is helpful.

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