How to Run Matlab in Jupyter in VS Code

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shows how to run Jupyter notebook in VScode. So it should be able to run Matlab in Jupyter in VS Code. I have tried but I got a message
"Timed out waiting to get a heartbeat from kernel process."
Please advise.
alpedhuez on 28 Jan 2021
So the question is about running Matlab in VS Code.

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Accepted Answer

Aghamarsh Varanasi
Aghamarsh Varanasi on 28 Jan 2021
Edited: Aghamarsh Varanasi on 29 Jan 2021
Currently we have a way to integrate Matlab with Jupyter notebook and Jupyter lab. Please check the github link:
Refer to README in the github repository for detailed workflow.
Note: The integration with VS Code is currently not supported.
alpedhuez on 28 Jan 2021
VSCode + Matlab are said to work on Mac and Linux but not known for Windows.

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