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Can I define the initial condition at a nonzero point using Simulink integator?

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Hi, I'd like to define an initial condition for an integrator in simulink.
The integrator block can define y(0)=0.
but I need y(1)=0
is there any solution to define such this IC?
The solution of many ODES is unknown at zero, like Cauchy Euler equations.
So that they define the initial condition at a nonzero point to obtain the constants.
Si So
Si So on 24 Jan 2021
someone recommended me to use a delay block, but a delay block cannot be attached to an integrator
Paul on 24 Jan 2021
I don't know why a delay block can't be attached to an integrator, but I also don't know that would help.

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Answers (1)

Paul on 24 Jan 2021
Look at using the Start Time parameter on the Solver Pane (link). As best I can tell, it will do exactly what you want; initial condtions applicable at the Start Time, other time dependent signals properly computed as well). However, I did notice that Scopes always start the time axis at zero, though there is a clue in the lower right about the Offset. Don't know why they don't just add the Offset to the time axis. But other sim outputs, like To Workspace have the first element in the time vector as the Start Time.

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