Create Custom Data Tips with imagesc

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Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat on 25 Jan 2021
Hi Tyler,
Yes you can modify the data tip of a figure generated with imagesc using the .DataTipTemplate property.
You may modify the following code to use DataTipTemplate property.
C = [0 2 4 6; 8 10 12 14; 16 18 20 22];
clims = [4 18];
i = imagesc(C,clims); % scaled color image object in variable 'i'
d = datatip(i,2,2); % by this data tip show up in image
% without using the above line it will show up the error.
c = i.DataTipTemplate(); % DataTipTemplate is used as function
c =
DataTipTemplate with properties:
DataTipRows: [1×3]
Interpreter: 'tex'
FontSize: 10
FontAngle: 'normal'
FontName: 'Helvetica'
Hope this Helps!
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Tyler Gerhardson
Tyler Gerhardson on 25 Jan 2021
Great, thanks!
Didn't realize I needed to call datatip() prior to. Didn't appear needed for scatter() & plot() which is why I was getting tripped up.

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