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How to return/release license from Matlab programatically

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I have a server license for PCI Geomatica Application, which includes python libraries. I need to run a python script from matlab which uses some libraries/modules from this PCI application. Apparently, calling these python libraries/modules from matlab is the same as opening the actual application and the license gets checked out by matlab and the only way to return the server license so someone else can use the same libraries or application is to completely close and exit matlab.
Is there some command or something i can add to my code that will release this license so that the person running my python-calling matlab function wont have to exit their entire matlab to release the license? I cant find anything online and rehash/clear dont work.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answers (1)

Ganesh Gudipati
Ganesh Gudipati on 4 Mar 2022
Hi right now there is no such function in MATLAB that would release the license automatically.
As a possible workaround, I would suggest creating the application as a standalone executable file, so that others can run your application independent of MATLAB.
You can refer to Creating Stand alone application MathWorks Documentation page to learn more on creating stand-alone application from MATLAB.
You can contact Support team for more information on Licenses.




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