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How to run M file by pressing Pushbutton?

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Abdullah on 16 Apr 2013
hello guys i need your help...I have m file and i design GUI for it and i want to click on it to run the M file and bring the result and show it in a table in the GUI>>
Is there any way to do that? I tried to call the m file in many ways but the ways i know or i just learned dose not working

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Jan on 17 Apr 2013
It would be efficient, if you post one of the methods you have tried and explain the occurring problems. Then we could suggest an improvement. This will more likely lead to a useful answer, than if we invent your problem from scratch again.

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Abdullah on 17 Apr 2013
I'm really thankful for your wonderful help, but i want to run the m file that it called (collect_speaker_data) run it and when it done the collect the data it give me complete at the GUI interface this is my first step if i know how to do it then i can complete the rest of it
my work is speaker identification for a human voice recorded in wav form so the first step is collect the data.
So i just need to run that file first and show complete when it complete .


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