Why I get only the last 36 hours?

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Frank Mehlhop
Frank Mehlhop on 20 Jan 2021
I set at the Chart Options Results on 40320, what should be one week. But the graph shows only 36 hours (and some minutes). I also try to set it results on 7 day, but still I get only 36 hours.
Why it is not showing 7 days graph?

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Vinod on 20 Jan 2021
To keep the application responsive and have a usable experience on the web site, we limit the number of points retrieved to a maximum of 8000 points. It is physically unlikely that you have 40k pixels in the small area of the screen where an individual chart is displayed. This is also why we provide an averaging option -- it is very likely that when looking over a period of that many points that you are looking at aggregates like average, median, etc. and are not interested in each individual datapoint.
Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 22 Jan 2021
You can use the start and end parameters in the read data call in the REST API. Or use daterange in thingSpeakRead().
I've linked the doc pages for both of these, and you can also look at the charts API, but its similar to the read command except it returns a chart instead of data. All of these are still limited to 8000 points, but you can pick exactly the times you want to see.

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