File processing in for loop

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Turbulence Analysis
Turbulence Analysis on 20 Jan 2021
I have sequence of the operation which needs to be performed over 1000 files in the for loop. But, here I would like to consider only selecte fiels i.e. start from 55 to 65; then again 100 -125, then 240 - 260 like this I have carry out with selcted sequences. Is it posiible to implement this in for loop in same time. Please help me with this..

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amin on 20 Jan 2021
I am not sure if I have understood your question correctly, but if you ask about having a for loop with different intervals, yes its possible:
for i=[100:125 240:260]
%your code

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Turbulence Analysis
Turbulence Analysis on 20 Jan 2021
Yes, This is what I was looking .. Thanks..


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