My device sends "1" every 15min, React "On Data Insertion" when Field=1 doesnt Tweet me more than once, why?

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I have an ESP-07S sending "1" every 15min. The Public Channel is 1280207. I tried to setup a simple React routine before I try something more elaborate.
Condition Type: Numeric // as it will be dealing with a numeric value
Test Frequency: On Data Insertion // as I want to trigger an action when the ESP-07S sends the value to my channel
When Field1 is equal to 1, Action: ThingTweet (created and authorized the Twitter account)
Selected: Run action each time condition is met
The Twitter account sends the first tweet, but I dont received any other after 15min, 30min, etc
What am I doing wrong?

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Vinod on 20 Jan 2021
Edited: Vinod on 20 Jan 2021
Twitter has checks in place to prevent the exact same tweet from being posted frequently. My understanding is this is to limit or reduce bots on the platform. If instead of just posting the exact same text each time, if you also post the timestamp in the tweet, I believe you will see your tweets getting published. See the similar question here.
One note to keep in mind if you are using Twitter for something critical -- Twitter has rate limits in place for each authorized application. You may find that ThingTweet will run into this limitation (in addition to what I described above) if you are Tweeting too frequently. See Twitter's published API rate limits here and here. Note that since the rates limits may be for the entire ThingSpeak application, the rate limit applicable to your ThingTweet may be significantly lower as ThingSpeak needs to share the rate limit across all users.
francisco jnb
francisco jnb on 22 Jan 2021
I tried a MATLAB Analisys with React and it worked too but React+ThingHTTP(PushingBox) was the most straighforward way to acomplish what I needed.

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