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How can a create a table on contents in a pdf document created using the Matlab Report Generator

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I have successfully created a detailed PDF report using My matlab scripts and the Matlab Report Generator. I have been unable to create a Table Of Contentd. The examples shown in the matlab help. For example the script shown in the help is as follows
import mlreportgen.dom.*;
d = Document('mydoc','pdf');
title = append(d,Paragraph('My TOC Document'));
title.Bold = true;
title.FontSize = '28pt';
toc = append(d,TOC(2));
toc.Style = {PageBreakBefore(true)};
h1 = append(d,Heading1('Chapter 1'));
h1.Style = {PageBreakBefore(true)};
p1 = append(d,Paragraph('Hello World'));
h2 = append(d,Heading2('Section 1.1'));
h2.Style = {PageBreakBefore(true)};
p2 = append(d,Paragraph('Another page'));
h3 = append(d,Heading3('My Subsection 1.1.a'));
p3 = append(d, Paragraph('My Level 3 Heading Text'));
This works but I can not get this to work when I use the report generator as folllows
rpt = Report(pdffilename,"pdf");
Can someone provide me an example. I don't understand all the differences 'Document" and "Report"

Accepted Answer

Rahul Singhal
Rahul Singhal on 14 Jan 2021
Hi Stephen,
In the Report API program, I suggest to use reporter to include the table of contents in the PDF report. The documentation page also contains some examples on how to use this class.
Also, this document tells more about the DOM API objects (like Document) and Report API objects (like Report).

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