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How to Integrate ?

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Ravikiran Mundewadi
Ravikiran Mundewadi on 14 Jan 2021
Answered: Daniel Pollard on 14 Jan 2021
How to integrate this int(((log(x-t)/sqrt(x-t))*(sqrt(3)*(2*t-1))),t,0,x) in matlab? I tried but i am not getting the integrated part.
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David Hill
David Hill on 14 Jan 2021
You will need to numerically integrate it for all x. What is your domain of x values?

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Answers (1)

Daniel Pollard
Daniel Pollard on 14 Jan 2021
Wolfram alpha is useful here to show you what can be done. If you click that link you'll see that I asked it to do
which is one part of your integral. It returned a pretty horrible mess of an analytic function. If you ask it
which is the second part of your integral, you run out of computation time.
Now I'm sure Matlab is a more powerful piece of software than what is basically a free version of a webapp, but it makes me think that the integral likely can't be done analytically, since it's usually pretty good.
If you substitute x with some constant (e.g. 1), the integral may be possible to do numerically.


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