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Fourier Transform of an array of IQ pairs

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Shanice Kelly
Shanice Kelly on 13 Jan 2021
Answered: David K. on 13 Jan 2021
We have a 32x1024 matrix of 512 sets of IQ pairs. We need to take the fourier transform of each of the 512 sets (and the corresponding 32 rows). What MATLAB function can we use to do this? We are trying to set it up in a loop so it will cycle through all 512 column sets.

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David K.
David K. on 13 Jan 2021
The fft function has a dimension input that allows you to specify which dimension of a matrix you are taking the fft's over.
So, assuming you can make your IQ data into a 3 dimensional matrix of size 32x1024x512, and the data that corresponds to what you would want to take the fft of is the 1024 length dimension. The fft's can be easily calculated with the following line.
allFFTs = fft(yourData,[],2);


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