FMU Import Script for Simulink

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I am importing an FMU into the Simulink environment using a script. The issue is that the rest of my script that sets up the environment for the user continues to run before an FMU can be uploaded. With the code below, the FMU import dialog will open, but the code does not stop. I want to avoid using an arbitrary dialog box to use with the waitfor function. Instead, is there a way to use the FMU parameters dialog box as the waitfor condition?
fmuBlock = add_block('simulink_extras/FMU Import/FMU','untitled/FMU');
load_system (fmuBlock);

Accepted Answer

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 17 Jan 2021
If you set the FMUName property then you should not get prompted. YOu can do this either by adding additional arguments to the add_block() function or call set_param after add_block as shown below.
fmuBlock = add_block('simulink_extras/FMU Import/FMU','untitled/FMU','FMUName','myFmu.fmu');

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