Peter Corke Robotics Toolbox Plot Multiple Robot Arms

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Weilin Qiu
Weilin Qiu on 4 Jan 2021
Answered: Anmol Dhiman on 12 Jan 2021
Is there a way to plot multiple robot arms instead of just the 1?

Answers (1)

Anmol Dhiman
Anmol Dhiman on 12 Jan 2021
Hi Weilin,
I assume you already have a robot. In that case you can use loadrobot.
Here is an example code for you
>> kin = loadrobot("kinovaGen3");
>> fan = loadrobot("fanucLRMate200ib");
>> show(kin)
>> hold on
>> show(fan)
Hope it Helps
Anmol Dhiman

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