Annual usage is capped?

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Daniele Caldognetto
Daniele Caldognetto on 3 Jan 2021
Commented: Vinod on 5 Jan 2021
I have just subscribed to ThingSpeak IoT and I have noticed that the annual usage is capped.
What does it mea, does it mean that the free licence last for one year and then a subscription has to be paid?
Please advise, thanks.
Vinod on 5 Jan 2021
@Ray B: As a free user, every year, on the anniversary date of your sign up, you get a new quota of 3 million free messages. Once you exhaust this quota of messages, your channels will stop updating until your next anniversary date.

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Accepted Answer

Vinod on 3 Jan 2021
I think this page and this FAQ will answer this and more questions you may have.
Vinod on 5 Jan 2021
@Daniele Caldognetto: That is correct.
@RayB: If you are sure it is not a device that is publishing messages to your channel, and you think it is something on ThingSpeak you may have set up, I'd recommend starting with the MATLAB Apps you've set up. See if any of them are doing a thingSpeakWrite.

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