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Questions about making websites that run user applications

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Hello -
I developed an applictation that performes a simulation, which I would like to upload to my personal website for others to use. I have two questions:
  1. Is this possible? Can I upload this to a website I developed with Wix?
  2. If my Matlab license runs out, will I lose access to this application?
I am getting mixed messages when reading the documentation, so I want to know if I should use Matlab or Python. I worry that Matlab is going to tie everything to the license, which will limit what I can do with the application.
Thank You,

Answers (2)

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 29 Dec 2020
One option might be to use the MATLAB App server, but it seems that it is basically designed for an organization's internal use, and opening it to public internet can result in some security issues: The other issue is integrating it with the Wix website. It seems that the apps can only be accessed through the webpage that comes with app servers, and that page cannot be customized. There might not be an elegant way to integrate those apps with the Wix website. You will also need a valid App server license to keep it working.
The other option is to try this FEX package: It can convert MATLAB code to javascript code, which you can directly integrate with your Wix website. Check if this is sufficient for your need. If yes, this might be the preferable solution.
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Vitaly Kheyfets
Vitaly Kheyfets on 29 Dec 2020
Thanks a lot for the thoughtfull response, Ameer! I think the second option is worth persuing.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Dec 2020
There are several cases that might apply:
  • if you run MATLAB itself on the website, full MATLAB, then if the software is available to the public, you must have a commercial network concurrent license for the MATLAB, which is one the most expensive MATLAB licenses. Such licenses can be purchased, but it is also common to obtain them on a year to year basis (in which case usage rights would expire.)
  • Academic network concurrent licenses cannot be used for applications available to the public, only for university use (must be login controls or firewalls)
  • Student and Home licenses can never be used for this purpose.
  • MATLAB may only be installed on hardware you own or lease. From what I have seen of Wix sites, you do not own or lease Wix sites.
  • if you use a commercial MATLAB Compiler or MATLAB Coder license, then the executable can be used indefinitely and can be made available to the public
  • Academic licenses for Compiler or Coder generate executables that cannot be made available to the public
  • Student and Home licenses cannot be used to generate executables for this purpose (Home doesn't have either toolbox available, Student doesn't have Compiler available, Student Coder license is only valid for academic purposes)


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