How to load AVIRIS datasets

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Hi everyone, I have downloaded some AVIRIS datasets from and have been trying to have a look at them in MATLAB. The images I obtained, however, are strange, and don't look anything like the data preview from the page. I have looked at a few resources, including
but still have not found a solution. Can anyone please shed some light on what I am doing wrong? Here is my code:
fileNameD = 'D:\Data\AVIRIS\f160620t01p00r06rdn_b\f160620t01p00r06rdn_b\f160620t01p00r06rdn_b_sc01_ort_img';
fileNameH = [fileNameD,'.hdr'];
GainFile = 'D:\Data\AVIRIS\f160620t01p00r06rdn_b\f160620t01p00r06rdn_b\f160620t01p00r06rdn_b.gain';
gainvals = importdata(GainFile);
info = envihdrread(fileNameH); %info.data_type=2 so 16-bit signed integer
X = multibandread(fileNameD,[info.lines,info.samples,info.bands],'int16',info.header_offset,info.interleave,info.byte_order,...
{'Row','Range',[4000 1 6000]}, {'Column','Range',[1 1 info.samples]});
X1 = bsxfun(@rdivide,double(X), reshape(gainvals(:,1),[1 1 length(gainvals(:,1))])); %divide by the gain to get radiance
and here is the resulting image I obtain when I plot RGB (i.e. figure, imagesc((X1(:,:,[31,20,10]))))
versus the RGB image preview @ (note this shows the full image, while the above is only a subset)
It bears some semblance to the image but this does not seem right. I've also plotted the spectra for some pixels and it also looks strange, e.g.
I've tried this on 4 different radiance datasets so far, as well as reflectance datasets and obtained similar results. Any suggestions will be much appreciated, thank you!

Accepted Answer

Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 29 Dec 2020
You can use the hypercube(__) function to read AVIRIS image .hdr files.
% Read the AVIRIS image (specify your image file name here)
hCube = hypercube('jasperRidge2_R198.hdr');
% Compute RGB, CIR, and falsecolored image
rgbImg = colorize(hCube, 'method', 'rgb', 'ContrastStretching', true);
cirImg = colorize(hCube, 'method', 'cir', 'ContrastStretching', true);
fcImg = colorize(hCube, 'method', 'falsecolored', 'ContrastStretching', true);
% Visualize results
tiledlayout(1, 3)
axis image off
title('RGB image')
axis image off
title('CIR image')
axis image off
title('False-colored image')
Note: All the above mentioned fetures come under Image Processing Toolbox's Hyperspectral Imaging Library support package, and can be downloaded from here.
Lahcen EDDAHBI on 23 Mar 2022
thank you so much for the information.
i appriciate

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Shiqi Feng
Shiqi Feng on 1 Mar 2022
hello, I want to ask how to get .hdi file from AVIRIS datasets?




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