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Error using connector.​internal.d​oEnsureSer​viceOn

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I am having a trouble using Add-Ons in matlab. I am currently working on a drone project, which uses Ryze Tello, and I am trying to download tello package. However, whenever I click on the Add-Ons, the following error comes up. Could you please help me step by step? I do not know how to change or use firewall.
Thank you!!

Answers (1)

Vineeth Nair
Vineeth Nair on 30 Dec 2020
You need to allow MATLAB throught the Firewall. The Firewall settings depends on your OS. If you are using windows 10 , follow this link to allow MATLAB through the Windows firewall
Dong Soo Woo
Dong Soo Woo on 1 Jan 2021
I have tried the firewall according to the link, but it does not work. Is there any other way that I can try?

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