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Running Matlab on Microsoft Azure spot VM

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jichul kim
jichul kim on 19 Dec 2020
Answered: Bhomik Kankaria on 29 Dec 2020
I wonder if anyone has an experiece of running Matlab on Microsoft Azure spot VM.
I am using Matlab(BYOL) resource for Azure VM, but seems that the resource dose not support spot VM

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Bhomik Kankaria
Bhomik Kankaria on 29 Dec 2020
Hi Kim,
The cloud offers access to a wide variety of computing and storage resources, allowing you to do more with MATLAB. However, creating and configuring cloud infrastructure properly requires a certain amount of working knowledge specific to each cloud vendor. MathWorks offers reference architectures developed for both AWS and Azure, which automate much of the creation and configuration. Learn more about MathWorks support for AWS and Azure.


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